Stan Morey

Stan MoreyI am Stanley Le Roy Moréy II. I have been reading for a little over 35 years. I was trained by Marsha Clark, arguably the finest reader in the Mid-West. I am also an initiate and member of Father Worley’s “Order of the Batalatuer”, which is a Tarot Magick order.

I am also a 3rd degree high priest and elder of the Coven of the Sacred Stone (Gardenarian/English Traditional) in Council Bluffs, IA, as well as was High Priest of the Fellowship of the Sacred Flame (Celtic Eclectic), Omaha, NE. I am also one of the few, if not only practitioner of Scott Cuningham’s “Stone Tarot” system of divination. One can find me as the “Steampunk Psychic”.

Thanks so much!

Most sincerely,
Stan Morey II