Academy of Natural Problem Solving

Lena TereshchenkoAcademy of Natural Problem Solving with Lena Tereshchenko

Lena Tereshchenko, founder of the “Academy of Natural Problem Solving”, an institute for holistic health; provides both education and consultation services to all who seek to experience the true foundation to health and healing. Born in the Ukraine, she discovered at an early age, the power of channeling energy. Recognizing her potential to heal others, she pursued a medical career in nursing. Her personal journey led her to further tap into the use of her own power to heal herself.

She is a Specialist of Advanced Spiritual Healing, a graduate of the School of Emil Bagirov (Cosmoenergy) in 2004.

She is a Reiki Master Instructor, and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Holistic Health Science Educator, assisting those who seek to gain insight and power in self healing.