Debbie Valentine

Hi everyone , I’m Debbie Valentine, the designer behind Sacred Heart Gems & Orgone.   I am looking forward to being a part of this event.  I create all my jewelry & Orgone with semi-precious stones, resin, metal shavings, and wire to bring you one of a kind Orgone jewelry and Orgone creations. I can also do, made to order creations, if I have the gemstones and/or mold, that you want. All pieces are made to capture and enhance the natural abilities of the gemstones & crystals!  Each is attuned to emit Reiki Energy Healing by a Reiki Master, and is designed to enhance your connection to the divine.  They can be used metaphysically or just for fun & fashion, and I think everyone should have one! They make awesome and truly practical gifts as well. Each piece is completely, energetically, and artistically, UNIQUE!  I have attached my website as well as my Facebook Group Below. Not all inventory is on either site yet, but I should have a large selection at the Holistic Fair.

Facebook Group: