Karen Reimer

My name is Karen Reimer. I am a healer, a dedicated Metatronia
Therapy light worker, Reiki practitioner and Doula.  I have known for
years that there was something special about myself.  I knew and
could see things that no one else seemed to notice.  Then one day the
universe said that now is the time for you bring your gifts forward to
everyone that needs them.  It all started big time when I decided to
take Reiki classes. Since then I have become a Reiki
Practitioner/Master in two different modalities.  I have also become
certified in Metatronia healing therapy, level 2 (Yes I just leveled
up recently and just started using it in my healing practice.  It’s
awesome!).  With my new attunement I have even more healing
modalities than before, including channeling, aura cleansing, chakra
alignment and relieving aches and pains that you may have. Check
out my website for more information.