Global Heart Healers

Alexandra is an intuitive energy healer that channels a variety of different frequencies that are flowing through her from very high celestial beings, which present themselves as the Intergalactics.
In the spiritual hierarchy you can find these beings on the levels of the Thrones.
With her intense energy work she reaches deeply into all your subtle bodies and helps to release blocks, patterns, habits, ancestral baggage going back into past lives, that no longer serve you and hold you back form living your true self and what your soul desires.
During her sessions she often channels messages from the highest angels of Love, The cherubim and the seraphim.
She is also a certified healer, Reiki Master, Arthurian Healing Method level 6 ,Tuning fork practitioner and founder of The Global Heart Healers. She devolved the Ananda ~ Be Bliss ~ emotional release technique.
She teaches all around the world and facilitates retreats on Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Bali.
Come meet her here at the Turlock Expo and take advantage of her special offers for this day.
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