Vendor Bio's

Joseph Ernest Martin


 Joseph Ernest Martin is a gifted psychic and the Winner of the Visionary Award of Excellence and author/artist for the award winning Best Selling: "Quest Tarot" deck. His book: The Compass and his 25 new DVDs instruct you on learning divination. Joseph travels to over 40 cities a year and reads for thousands of people, giving presentations and workshops on psychic ability and paranormal phenomenon. His book and deck are now in 5 countries in 4 languages. He has appeared on radio, television and the internet. He is a featured speaker at the huge New Living Expo, as well as the Bay Area Tarot Symposium, the Conscious Life Expo in LA, and World Tarot Day. His award winning TV Show “Paranormal Insights” has won 6 video excellence awards. You can see more about Joseph on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and his website You can set appointments by calling 510-387-3328. 

Diane Swanson



Diane is owner of Walela Institute of Imaginal Healing, an alternative, holistic sanctuary. She is a Certified Master Level Forrest Trained Astrologer.  Diane designs and makes her own line of astrological jewelry.

Laura Massone



Laura is a trained and practicing CranioSacral Therapist and Colon Hydro Therapist in Turlock Ca. 

Laura believes lasting health is only achieved when the body wisdom makes corrections.

More information can be found by visiting her website: 

Sue Cukrov


 I’ve been fascinated by crystals since early childhood.  In 1998, I started making pendants combining crystals with companion stones, which I referred to as “My Crystal Visions “.  Soon after I started making wands from wood gathered from local trees. In addition to wands, I also make pendulums, pet crystals, and sun catchers. 

Jenay Marontate



" Add Magic to your Meals” with Kitchen Witch Gourmet.

In this new Line of Edible magik, Jenay explores putting Positive Intent into your Meals, encouraging Fun-Loving Energy with every Bite you Take.

Wings Over Soul


 Sherri Wasson offers a love for people, alternative healing, self-healing, stones, crystals, and Medicine bags.She has always loved Stones and Crystals and constantly has them around her. She knows she needs to use these abilities to help others help themselves. 

Rev. Kathleen Dixon


 Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon is a Spiritual Life Counselor, Medium and energy healer who offers Angel Crystal Light Therapy Bed sessions using seven Vogel crystals that are attuned to the body’s chakras.  The sessions include a channeled message. She is the Founder of Angels of Life Miracles a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 

Cindy Betts



Guided by Spirit, Cindy identifies irregular energy in your body, then works with you to eliminate the trigger as well as the irregular energy.  Cindy offers Past Life Regressions as well as other services in her Rocklin office. Cindy Betts, M.A.

Jared Mullens



Jared is an empath and a medium. Jared has an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others’ emotions. Jared’s mediumship abilities were evident even as a child and have developed extensively with his work at Sanctuary of Omni Love. 

“The key is to get out of the way so that spirit can deliver the messages.”

Maria Vazquez


 Maria Vazquez and Kaitlyn are the designers of the “Ring Booth” that so many people have called it. They offer natural Jewelry, essential oil sprays, and many more items. Maria offers quality items. Every bracelet made is made with love. 

Frankie Borrelli

Frankie guides & helps those on their path  She uses her love and compassion with her intuitive soul

 Frankie shines her light to guide and help those on their path.  She uses her love and compassion with her intuitive soul. 

Ann Savino

Frankie shines her light as a spiritual intuitive, Reiki practitioner, and Tarot card reader.

 Ann is a psychic medium with 30 years of experience. Her mediumship readings are evidential bringing through verifiable information. Her psychic readings deliver insight into issues in your life. She also is an energy healer that clears away past emotional pain and traumas. 

Brian Di Marino


 Thee Dragons Hoard specializes in handmade one of a kind wire wrapped crystal pendants. We also specialize in other divination items such as pendulums, smudge fans, cord cutters and ceremony wands.  All creations are done InHouse by owner/designer Brian Di Marino and infused with Reiki.  

Erin Burrell


 Erin G. Burrell is an author and an intuitive empath who loves to connect to spirit through Tarot cards. Working only from a place of love and light, Erin has a gift for giving and receiving messages on a soul level.  She is a natural teacher and brings a wealth of life experiences to her readings.Tarot readings have allowed her to do much the same but from a far different perspective.

Rev. Gaylene Cornell


Gaylene is the producer for the Turlock Expo and Minister at The Spiritual Center of Turlock. She is a psychic/medium and teaches a Healing and Psychic Development class on Wednesday evenings at 

The Spiritual Center located at 

533 Crane Ave. Turlock Ca.

Angel Blue


 Spiritual Lfe Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive. Angel is a gifted intuitive who’s passion is to help people connect to their angels and guides. Since 2005 she has been helping bring clarity and healing to her clients. A reading session with Angel is more than just a giving of information it is an interaction with spirit and an empowerment of self.


Contact: 925-323-0474 

Robert Stanford


  My name is Robert Stanford I have been a Tarot reader for over 30 years. My readings are pragmatic practical personal and sensitive to personal situations. I spent many years in the priesthood and a missionary Social Work capacity. I am very Adept at helping you choose the right path for you and your current circumstances.  

Barbara Storey


  After first trying L'BRI Pure N' Natural Skin Care products there was NO going back to other products that have chemicals.  It is about healthy skin, just like exercise or eating healthy!  Why put chemicals onto my skin when there is skin care available to nurture and heal skin with pure ALOE as its main ingredient!  For me it is about letting others experience the skin care products available that can improve and heal skin, learning it can make a difference!  

Kate Song



VibesUP has been in business since 2006 and we have been featured on PBS and we have a pattered on a renewable energy that can be used therapeutically.

Our outlet store in Stockton has been opened for almost one year  

Michelle Strange


Michelle Strange works with tachyonized crystals, tools, and natural materials. Tachyon is the 13th ray of divine light subatomic particles that infuse divine light into your physical body. A chakra balancing session with Michelle leaves you feeling lighter and balanced, back on your divine blueprint path with source.  

Blue Star Woman



Blue Star Woman (Joanne Klemstein Stoll) does “Feather” & “Heart Chakra” readings based on past life stories found in your etheric body & soul energy.  This brings up meaningful issues in your your past life that have to do with current situations and people in your life today.





A Sensitive That Sees and Feels What’s Around You

I can see things beyond sight and hear things beyond sound. 

I have been reading professionally for over 45 years and a naturally open psychic medium since birth. 

My readings offer information about the future, your ancestry, intuitive business guidance, communication with those on the other side, and even your pets.

 916-595-4924 or email:


Marie Larotonda



  As a clairvoyant reader, healer and teacher, Marie the Spirit Guide facilitates the energetic and spiritual growth of those seeking her assistance.  She connects spirit-to-spirit, and provides people with poignant communication and a different perspective on the challenges they are facing in life.  Her insightful readings help people release invalidation, find hope, and create new life directions.  Marie also offers individual and group intuitive training classes and teleseminars. 

Heaven and Earth Apothecaries


We offer a variety of holistic and Mackical items, Cleansing, grounding, goddess, and several other sprays to assist you in your path to enlightenment.  Essential oil blends with crystals are made while you watch. Homegrown and handmade sage and floral bundlesm car protection and charm bags and so much more.

Merly Shwetzer


 Merly Shwetzer, CMT – Source Divine Wellness Come experience an exquisite massage healing from Merly Shwetzer. Merly successfully treats imbalances and disorders of the body from A - Z by integrating multiple massage techniques/modalities including the BodyTalk System technique and her born abilities that intuitively come to her while she is in session. 

Lily Stevenin



Lily Stevenin, dba Visionary Tarot- is a Ritual Leader, Medical Intuitive, and Professional Psychic Tarot Reader. 

Lily is a member of BOTA School of Western Mysticism, Orion Foxwood’s Faery Seership program and a 2nd year student in the Anderson Feri tradition. A licensed Nurse, she maintains Lily’s Hands,  a private energy medicine practice. She shares her broad knowledge of magick and metaphysical arts as a facilitator of Spellcraft Saturday each 4th Saturday of the month from 4-6 PM at Serpent’s Kiss in Santa Cruz.

Available for readings on second and fourth Saturdays at the Serpent's Kiss, or over the phone by appointment.  Call 831-423-5477to schedule your appointment.

Sonia Ann Parso


  Helping others as a hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, and reiki healer led me to specialize as an advanced soul realignment practitioner.  Using my intuitive gifts, I access your Akashic record to retrieve practical, useful information that has precise, focused transformational value.  You will learn how your past and current life choices - negative or positive - affect your life today and how changes can maximize your life experience.  Your soul is unique.  Understand it through the pages of the Akashic Records.   

Sisters of the Shamrock


 Sisters of the Shamrock Wise Woman Healing

We are Three dedicated Energy/light workers. Cherie, Crystal, and Debby. 

We are all three Certified Reiki Master/Teachers. Who have met, and bonded as sisters in Healing.  4

We have many gifts to offer just see our list of services. Come see us and receive a Healing, Druid card reading, Akashic Records reading, or just find some fun items we have for sale. We are located in Sacramento but are happy to travel as needed. See our website for a full list of services.

Karen and Steve


  Karen and Steve awaken your spirit to new possibilities, As naturally talented psychics they harmoniously provide you with an immeasurably rewarding reading combined with a healing that sets you back on the right course, allowing you to sail along with renewed enthusiasm.  Their training as Clairvoyants, Spiritual Teachers and Mediums from a prominent Northern Californian Institute enables them to deliver their healing messages like no others. It is a revelation to be read by Karen and Steve as you will feel they are like old friends being reunited at last. There is a connection that these two establish magically!  See for yourself what so many rave about.  They are an utter delight.  It that is not enough to satisfy your discerning eye, their ability to connect with your loved ones will leave you astounded!  Their natural abilities and easy natures will ultimately win you over!